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Many tropical bulbs, especially varieties of lilies, amaryllis, and gladiolus  can grow through the summer in all but the coldest of areas.  With the judicious use of pots, even those with cold winters can grow beautiful exotic  lilies, amaryllis, and gladiolus and other flowers.  Surprisingly for many, those who live in warmer areas of zones 7, 8, and 9+ often do not have to dig up tropical bulbs and perennials for the winter. 

As long, sunlit days stretch across summer there is time to truly enjoy the grandeur of a garden . has beautiful lilies, amaryllis, and gladiolus that  can  put  magic in any landscape.  Our lilies(canna stripped beauty product page), amaryllis, and gladiolus include exquisite traditional hybrids as well as romantic primitive varieties.

Many of our rare lilies, amaryllis, and gladiolus are very hardy and easy to grow.  Several varieties multiply rapidly and fill spaces with beauty.  Year after year you will be able to enjoy the unique lilies, amaryllis, and gladiolus that come to you from all over the world. imports these lilies, amaryllis and gladiolus bulbs from the finest growers.  Because we purchase these in great quantities, we are able to pass along to our customers the discounts that make our lilies, amaryllis and gladiolus prices so competitive.  Our goal is to make planting  distinctive lilies, amaryllis, and gladiolus bulbs affordable for you.

We invite you to check back frequently to see the new varieties of lilies, amaryllis, and gladiolus we offer, as well as other distinctive summer flowers.  Scroll through our other plant listings and find all you need to bring natural beauty to every season of the year.



Summer Blooms
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Coral Rain Lily | Zephyranthes Prairie SunsetCoral Rain Lily | Zephyranthes Prairie Sunset
Crinum "Baby Burgundy"Crinum "Baby Burgundy"
Crinum Lily~Powellii ALBA HUGE BULBSCrinum Lily~Powellii ALBA HUGE BULBS
Crinum Lily~Powellii HUGE BULBSCrinum Lily~Powellii HUGE BULBS
Crinum Parker's purple pinkCrinum Parker's purple pink
Cyrtanthus Mackenii PINK "Hobgoblin'Cyrtanthus Mackenii PINK "Hobgoblin'
Eucrosia BicolorEucrosia Bicolor
Oxalis Deppei IRON CROSSOxalis Deppei IRON CROSS
RED RAIN LILY - xHowardara Riley KateRED RAIN LILY - xHowardara Riley Kate
Zephyranthes AJAXZephyranthes AJAX
Zephyranthes Atamasco LilyZephyranthes Atamasco Lily
Zephyranthes Candida MIX (white, pink & yellow)Zephyranthes Candida MIX (white, pink & yellow)
Zephyranthes ChlorosolenZephyranthes Chlorosolen
Zephyranthes Copper MineZephyranthes Copper Mine
Zephyranthes Drummondii (small Bulbs)Zephyranthes Drummondii (small Bulbs)
Zephyranthes First LoveZephyranthes First Love
Zephyranthes HEART THROBZephyranthes HEART THROB
Zephyranthes LABUFFAROSAZephyranthes LABUFFAROSA
Zephyranthes Pink BeautyZephyranthes Pink Beauty
Zephyranthes PrimulinaZephyranthes Primulina
Zephyranthes Rainbow SnowZephyranthes Rainbow Snow
Zephyranthes Rose PerfectionZephyranthes Rose Perfection
Zephyranthes RoseaZephyranthes Rosea
Zephyranthes SmalliiZephyranthes Smallii