Zephyranthes Primulina
Zephyranthes Primulina
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Zephyranthes Primulina

The largest yellow Rain Lily that I know. The flowers are pale lemon with a salmon pink blush on the outer petals. This species originates in Mexico.

Bulb size will vary somewhat depending on what we dig up. We will not send tiny bulbs so you can expect mostly large and medium size. These multiply and set seeds.

Plant one inch deeper than the top of the bulb, the plant will pull itself down to the optimum depth.  Rain lilies tolerate and can do well in swampy comditions but do best in well drained soil.  Full sun to part shade, they handle full sun in Arizona but are happier with a little shade.  Water deeply when first planted, then once or twice a month if your area doesn't get regular rain fall, thier foilage will start getting droopy if they need moisture.  They make excellent potted plants.

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