Plants for Arizona and the Southwest

Plant list for Southeastern Arizona


Coleus --- Bright variegated leaves in red/green/purple/white etc. Needs shade. Also a good houseplant

Larkspur --- Tall purple spikes in spring. Plant December through February

Marigolds --- Heat & Drought tollerant

Petunias --- Often blooms through the summer and winter!

Sweet Peas ---This old fashioned favorite grows in Winter and Spring

ToadFlax --- "mini snapragons" Sometimes bloom in spring with only rain water.

Zinnias --- Heat & Drought tollerant

Perrenial Flowers

Butterfly Bush --- Fragrant flower spikes come in many colors. Likes some shade.

Bird of Paridise --- Yellow is Locally Native. Red dies to the ground each winter but usually returns.

Columbine --- Prefers some shade. Not just yellow anymore.

Sage --- Texas Sage, Autumn sage, Cleveland Sage. Drought hardy, flowering shrubs.

Snapdragons --- Supprising tough and drought hardy. Plant in fall or spring.

Hollyhocks --- Tall Spring display. Easy from seeds if planted in fall.

Honeysuckle --- My favorite fragrant vine!

Penstemon ---Those tall red bell- flowers from the mountains. Also in pink and Fuchsia.

Bulbs (refer to Bulbs for the Southwest for more info)

Amaryllis --- Actually hardy through the winter. Spring Blooming

Canna Lilies --- Wonderful display of foliage and flowers

Daffodils & Paperwhites --- A little shade is best.

Dahlias --- Survive the summer and thrive in fall.

Gladiolus --- Plant in Succession for constant flowers. Blooms 80 days after planting

Iris --- Bearded Iris and Dutch Iris both do well here.

Lycoris Radiata --- Red Spider Lilies. Bloom in Fall, hard to kill.

Rain Lilies --- Small flowers bloom constantly in summer and survive neglect and drought.


Arizona Cypress --- Native with medium growth rate. There's a big one at EAC

Aleppo Pine --- Big and spreading--can be found in the park across from Graham County Courthouse.

Cedrus Doedara --- Looks like a Spruce---can be found at the OLD safford library.

Citrus --- Avoid most types except in protected areas. kumquats have survived for me against the house.

Chilean Mesquite ---Fast growing, no thorns. Small trees not always hardy.

Crape Myrtle --- Small flowering tree, covered with fluffy flowers. Red, purple, pink, white.

Desert Willow --- Constant Summer Flowers. Pink and Purple Varieties

Eldarica Pine --- Tall Strait, good for fence windbreaks

Eucalyptus --- FAST! Silver Dollar and Coolibah are most hardy.

Live Oak --- This Southern Oak is supprisingly drought hardy.

Mimosa --- Pink puffy flowers. Look like African Savanna Trees.

Mulberry --- They're everywhere

PaloVerde --- Green bark, yellow flowers. Thornless kinds sometimes available.

Pecans --- Good luck finding them. Cactus Nursery sometimes has them. I have small ones growing.

Pomegranate --- Beautiful Flowers. Fuitful and non fruiting kinds. Nice hedge or privacy screen to 15 ft.

Poplar --- Best kept away from water lines

Willow --- Standard, Ball, and Weaping types are commonly available. Best kept away from water lines

Cactus and Succulants ---there are too many to list!