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US Shipping Rates

Shipping is $5.99 for orders under $30.00 and 15% for orders between $30 and $300.  Shipping is free for domestic orders of $300.00 or more!


Edens Blooms is a small family business run on a part time basis.  In order to pay off the farm and get out of debt, Aaron is currently working full time outside the business.  Our shipping is generally done on mondays, orders take 5-10 business days to ship. 

You will usually get a tracking number emailed to you when things are shipped. 
Shipping of pre-sold bulbs usually begins in late September for Fall bulbs and March for Spring bulbs.  Check our availability page for updates on what we have in stock and when we are expecting new items.

How do I pay?

Credit Card payments are generally easiest for us to keep track of.  If paying by Check or Money Order, please include your address, email, and a list of your purchase in brief.  Send payments to:


946 S 1st Ave

Thatcher, AZ 85552

Please note that Snail Mail payments will make it take significantly longer to get your bulbs.


How do you measure bulb sizes?

In the bulb industry, bulbs are sized by the distance around, not across.  What this amounts to is that the sorting machines have holes X cm in circumference, and any bulb that doesn't fall through these holes must be X cm+ around.  We're not sure if this is always the case, but that is how the size-sorting works.  If we buy Crocus from Holland as 5 cm +, we sell them as the same (just like other vendors).

Pre-sales Policy

We sometimes sell bulbs a few weeks in advance for shipment after harvest. This allows you to reserve your choice of bulbs. These sales are advertised clearly, so that you can know when shipment will happen. We provide this service so that you do not risk losing the opportunity to purchase the bulbs you want at our lowest prices.  Pre-orders will be shipped in the order they are submitted.

We will usually wait until all items are in stock before shipping your order, so don't combine pre-sale items with anything that you can't wait for!

International Orders

Sorry we are not currently shipping internationally except for large orders over $500.

If bulbs or plants are damaged upon arrival, please contact us.  We are always trying to improve how we package and ship our products.  Shipping is a traumatic process and some recovery time may be necessary for your plants.  We usually don't require the return of damaged goods, but we reserve the right to require returns before issuing a credit or replacement.

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