Amaryllis / Hippeastrum
Amaryllis / Hippeastrum
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Hardy Amaryllis Red Rascal (SKU: AN127)Hardy Amaryllis Red Rascal (SKU: AN127)
Hardy Amaryllis Ratatouille (SKU: AN130)Hardy Amaryllis Ratatouille (SKU: AN130)
Amaryllis X Johnsonii SMALL BULBS (SKU: AJ2)Amaryllis X Johnsonii SMALL BULBS (SKU: AJ2)
Amaryllis X Johnsonii Medium Size (SKU: AJ3)Amaryllis X Johnsonii Medium Size (SKU: AJ3)
Amaryllis X Johnsonii LARGE BULBS-bloomed 2017 (SKU: AJ)Amaryllis X Johnsonii LARGE BULBS-bloomed 2017 (SKU: AJ)
Amaryllis Rebecca (jumbo bulbs) (SKU: AC25)Amaryllis Rebecca (jumbo bulbs) (SKU: AC25)
Amaryllis PAPILIO~Brazilian Butterfly (SKU: AO20)Amaryllis PAPILIO~Brazilian Butterfly (SKU: AO20)
Amaryllis Klister YELLOW GARDEN (SKU: AO51)Amaryllis Klister YELLOW GARDEN (SKU: AO51)
Amaryllis Klister STRIPED GARDEN (SKU: AO50)Amaryllis Klister STRIPED GARDEN (SKU: AO50)
Amaryllis JUNGLE BELLS ® (SKU: AH12)Amaryllis JUNGLE BELLS ® (SKU: AH12)
Amaryllis HOT LIPS® (SKU: AH25)Amaryllis HOT LIPS® (SKU: AH25)
Amaryllis Harrisonii (small seedling bulbs) (SKU: AO23)Amaryllis Harrisonii (small seedling bulbs) (SKU: AO23)
Amaryllis GREEN DRAGON ® (discontinued by Hadeco) (SKU: AH1)Amaryllis GREEN DRAGON ® (discontinued by Hadeco) (SKU: AH1)
Amaryllis Green Complex Seedlings (SKU: AH1S)Amaryllis Green Complex Seedlings (SKU: AH1S)
Amaryllis Fire Dancer ® Minitaure (SKU: AH78)Amaryllis Fire Dancer ® Minitaure (SKU: AH78)
Amaryllis Double Delicious (SKU: AN136)Amaryllis Double Delicious (SKU: AN136)
Amaryllis CYBISTER Santa Rosa (jumbo bulbs) (SKU: AC3)Amaryllis CYBISTER Santa Rosa (jumbo bulbs) (SKU: AC3)
Amaryllis BELLADONNA ® (hippeastrum) (SKU: AH19)Amaryllis BELLADONNA ® (hippeastrum) (SKU: AH19)
Amaryllis BABY DOLL® Miniature (SKU: AH18)Amaryllis BABY DOLL® Miniature (SKU: AH18)
Amaryllis Amarantia (SKU: AN134)Amaryllis Amarantia (SKU: AN134)
"Little Peacock" Amaryllis (SKU: ALP)"Little Peacock" Amaryllis (SKU: ALP)
Planting Instructions

Planting Instructions

Amaryllis are easy to grow indoors in any climate.  Plant them with most of the bulb above the soil surface, since the roots grow from bottom of the bulb.  Pots need not be much larger than the bulb.  Place them in bright light and water every week, or whenever soil feels dry.  Water soluble fertilizer can be added to the water, or you can use a soil rich in compost.  We have grown them in all types of soil, from clay to sand to variouse potting soils.  So long as the soil is well drained, your amaryllis will addapt.  Amaryllis are heavy feeders, so treat them as you would a tomato plant.

Keep the bulb and plant from freezing in all cases.  They can be planted outside in mild climates, so long as the bulb itself does not freeze.  In our Arizona zone 8 climate, we burry the bulbs with 1" of soil above the top.  Since our soil never freezes deeply, the bulbs survive the winter even though we have regular frosts (we have even dropped into the single digits).  The main requirement we have to grow them outside is shade.  50% dappled shade from trees is good.

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