Amaryllis PAPILIO (seed Grown)
Amaryllis PAPILIO (seed Grown)
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These Papilio bulbs are from India rather than the Netherlands. They are a mixture of seed grown and offset bulbs. This is for those looking for genetic variety different the Dutch Papilio bulbs. These bulbs are currently still small to medium size at about 2" (3 cm) across. With good conditions, I have grown them to the size of a baseball within one growing season.

“The butterfly amaryllis (Hippeastrum Papilio) is native to the Atlantic rainforests of southern Brazil.* Of the 60 or so species of Hippeastrum, half are native to Brazil. Many are limited in range which is probably why the butterfly amaryllis was not discovered until 1967.

“Pedro Ravenna described and named it Amaryllis papilio in 1970. In 1997, it was moved to the genus Hippeastrum by Johan van Scheepen. Although similar, true Amaryllis are African; Hippeastrum are South American. Both genera belong to the family Amaryllidaceae.

”It had been reported that the butterfly amaryllis was extinct in the wild."

The above was quoted from: which also has a nice picture.

Amaryllis Papilio makes a great houseplant. It grows best when kept frost-free with evergreen leaves.
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