Crinum Parker's purple pink
Crinum Parker's purple pink
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This crinum came from my friend EdWalker Parker, the eccentric bulb hunter of Texarkana.  He said it was purple, and gave it to me as a gift even though a competitor had offered him $500 for it.   To me it looks more pink, but the purplish tone definitely increases with hot and humid weather.  As you can see, the color varies depending on light and age of the flowers.

EdWalker found it at an old homestead.  If an expert can identify this for me then I will re-name it.  Meanwhile I'm calling it Parker's purple-pink. 

It is tough and fast growing and makes lots of offsets when propagated.  That's why I'm introducing it for a bargain price, far less than $500.  Bulbs for sale are still small....about an inch across and a few inches tall (see picture).
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1 - 2

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