Zephyranthes Chlorosolen
Zephyranthes Chlorosolen
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Found growing in the same chalky, West Texas hills as Zephyranthes Drummondii and frequently confused with the same.  Zephyranthes Chlorosolen has narrow foliage and the fragrant flowers appear mid summer.  It is also supprising that with winter rains we had new foliage in January despite temperature drops into the teens.  Like Zephyranthes Traubii, it seems to set seed easily with a wide range of crosses, although the stigma is commonly recessed.

Blooms and re-blooms from a small size bulb about 1 cm across.  Plant shallowly, one inch deeper than the top of the bulb.  It does not grow deeply or make huge bulbs like Z. Drummondii.  It can tolerate wet and dry conditions.

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