Zephyranthes Rosea
Zephyranthes Rosea
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These beautiful pink Rain Lilies have a sweet, chocolate-like scent! Zephyranthus are Amaryllis relatives native to the Americas. Great outdoors in the south, excellent for indoor pots and plants. Tollerates any soil type. EASY to grow. Blooms several times each summer, after heavy rains (hence their common name "Rain Lily"). 

Winter hardy in zones 8-11, elsewhere grow in pots or dig and store for the winter.

Bulbs are full size but naturally small.

Photo courtesy of Erv Evans, NC State University. Thanks!

Plant one inch deeper than the top of the bulb, the plant will pull itself down to the optimum depth.  Rain lilies tolerate and can do well in swampy comditions but do best in well drained soil.  Full Sahde to part shade, they don't handle full sun in Arizona and need  shade.  Water deeply when first planted, then once or twice a week if your area doesn't get regular rain fall, thier foilage will start getting droopy if they need moisture.  They make excellent pot plant.

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