Spring Blooms
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Here we include both Spring Blooming and Spring Planting bulbs.  Many flowers, including Tulips, Lilies, and Exotic Plants which are best planted in fall in warm climates, should not be planted until spring in cold climates.  

EdensBlooms.com has searched the world to bring you the finest Tulips, Lilies, and Exotic Plants.  We have beautiful hybrids and rare, exotic plants, including hard to find varieties of Tulips, Lilies, and other unusual bulbs.  We specialize in species of Tulips, Lilies, and other exotic plants that are suited to extreme climates and difficult growing situations, but there is no  need to  worry if you live in a mild climate;  strong tulips, lilies, and exotic plants can also flourish in friendly growing conditions!

This is you chance to buy new and interesting Tulips, Lilies, and exotic plants that are difficult to find.  Many of the bulbs we sell are similar to the original, primitive versions of today's hybrid tulips, lilies, and exotic plants.  Because they are genetically close to wild plants some are capable of  practically  taking care of themselves.  You will find that many of these tulips, lilies, and exotic plants will bloom year after year and spread to any areas you want them to be in.

EdensBlooms makes it possible for you to enjoy tulips, lilies, and exotic plants from wide-spread areas of the world.  We supply elegant bulbs from Holland, as well as dramatic   species  of tulips, lilies, and exotic plants from Afganistan, Crete,  India, Turkey, and Iran - - the ancient kingdom of Persia.  Because of the wide variety of tulips, lilies, and exotic plants  we make available, gardeners can enjoy the most beautiful flowers in the world at fantastically low  prices.



Spring Blooms
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