Dichondra Seeds 1 ounce
Dichondra Seeds 1 ounce
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As a child I was always fascinated by these Lily-pad like leaves in my Grandmother's Lawn. It makes a wonderful groundcover (over seasonal bulbs, or between flowers) and a very soft lawn. It is great in irregular places, such as between stepping stones and tree roots.

I would rather have this stuff under my feat than any Grass. It can be mowed occasionally (if you want to keep it short and tightly packed to the ground) just don't decapitate tall patches all at once. Mowing isn't a requirement since Dichondra maintains itself naturally between 1-3 inches.

Dichondra has naturalized in many lawns throughout the Southwest. It stays green all winter in warm climates (like here in zone 8, Arizona) and I have received information that this is evergreen down to zone 6 and the only difference is that it doesn't grow as fast. I recommend planting it under trees where grass won't thrive. It prefers deep, occasional watering.

Some sources say it is cold hardy down to zone 5, but I really don't know. Email me if you know from experience.

Planting Information:

These seeds are lightly coated for ease of handling and improved shelf life. Best when planted in the warmer months of the year (70+ degrees) . One ounce is enough for about 20 square feet of new lawn. It will plant more than that if you are patient for it to spread out and fill in. Light is not required for germination and covering the seeds with a shallow mulch or 1/8 inch of soil makes it much easier to keep them moist. Don't let the new planting dry out. Normaly germination takes 14 to 21 days, but it will depend on temperature. Soaking the seeds for 1-2 days before planting makes them sprout much faster, but they are more difficult to handle. Plant soaked seeds as soon as you see roots begin to grow!
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