Zephyranthes Candida MIX (white, pink & yellow)
Zephyranthes Candida MIX (white, pink & yellow)
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Zephyranthes Candida Mix

These were sold to us as Candida but in addition to white, some of the flowers start out pale pink or pale yellow.  So this is a mix of 3 similar varieties (candida hybrids?) that we don't have sorted out.  We have separated some of each type and will likely sell them separately with new names eventually.  They all act like candida and have similar foliage, set occasional seed and offsets well.  This is a great deal for unique rain lilies that I expect are more cold hardy than most, with their Z candida traits.  One sale while supplies last, then the price goes up.

This is an Amaryllis relative native to the Americas. Great outdoors in the south, excellent for indoor pots and plants. Tolerates any soil type. EASY to grow. Blooms several times in late summer and fall, after heavy rains (hence their common name "Rain Lily"). Hardy in zones 6-11, elsewhere dig and store for the winter. These will multiply quickly and naturalize. In the wild this species often grows in swampy, shady conditions. I have had success in full blazing Arizona sun with clay-loam soil that is dry for months at a time. It stays nearly evergreen for me when watered regularly. Very adaptable.

Bulb are naturally small at about 1 cm across.   They can bloom the first year once they are established.

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