Bakeri  Species Tulip  'Lilac Wonder'
Bakeri  Species Tulip  'Lilac Wonder'
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"Listening to some gardeners talk about it, you would think that a genuinely "perennial" tulip is some kind of holy grail. The dream of a tulip that comes back and multiplies has inspired and then eluded many gardeners. Any skepticism you may have is why I hesitate to make the following claim, but here it is: Wild or species tulips are perennials."

And there is great news for those in warm climates: You can grow tulips! T. Saxatilis is native to the Island of Crete, a land hot, dry summers. They don't require much winter chill to thrive. AMONG THE BEST TULIPS FOR THE SOUTH. Here in zone 8, Arizona they come up in January and bloom in February or March. In hot and humid areas be sure they have good drainage to survive summer dormancy.

Definitely one of the most stunning of the wildflower tulips, with flowers that open as wide as 3 or 4 inches across in the sunlight.

Hardy in zones 6-10 (maybe colder, but I can't be certain)
Flowering period: early
Plant height: 8-10 inches
Bulbs Are 7-8 Cm Cir.

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