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Rhodophiala Hybrid CHERRY CHIEF
When I saw this bloom, I said my first prayer of the day.  Clearly this is the best seedling out of thousands.  Not only is the flower color unique, but it multiplies and is larger than other oxbloods.  This resulted from the work of multiple generations hybridize by Bill the Bulb Baron in California for improved size and unique color.

Only one bulb available for 2022.  Perhaps I should patent this before selling any, but I don't really have money for that kind of thing. 

Oxblood Lilies were introduced to Texas in the late 1800's.  Expect stunning displays of flowers in late summer and early fall, followed by winter foliage.  Originally from Argentina, this Amaryllis relative is well suited to harsh conditions.  Alternating heat, drought, rain, and cold are no problem.  This proven heirloom bulb has multiplied and been passed around central Texas for well over a century.  They will be at home anywhere in the Southern US, zones 7-10.

The bulb is about 1.5 inches across.

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