RHODOPHIALA Hybrid MIX  *30 Seeds*
RHODOPHIALA Hybrid MIX  *30 Seeds*
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Newly harvested in October, 2021! The sooner these seeds are planted the better.  Although I have stored them dry in the fridge for up to two years with fair results.  Plant about 1 cm deep and keep moist and warm.  These will be mostly various shades of red with maybe 20% pink.  No color guarantees.

This is a unique opportunity to get an improved strain of Oxbloods for your garden.  The texan oxblood never set seed well, but we managed to cross it with R. bifida and Rhodophiala granatiflora from Argentina.  Then we back-crossed again, and now we are several generations into selecting from the results.  These new hybrids tend to be larger than the original TX red, and sometimes have orange-red flowers or even darker red flowers than the original.  Sometimes pink or muave flowers result.  They seem to be frost hardy but might not all be as cold hardy as the TX red (down to 0 degrees).

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