Ornithogalum NUTANS
Ornithogalum NUTANS
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Sleepydick, Summer Snowflake, Starflower, or the Pyrenees Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum umbellatum), is a wildflower of Eurasia, North Africa, & the Mideast, today commonly encountered throughout the eastern half of the United States plus the Pacific Northwest.

They require a "thermoperiodic cycle" to complete their life cycle do not naturalize where temperatures are very warm year-round, or where winters fall below five degrees Fahrenheight. In temperate zones with summers in the 70s & winters in the upper 20s or low 30s suit them very, very well. They can be grown in colder zones (to USDA Zone 3) if they are heavily mulched for winter protection.

The blossoms appear in late April & throughout May. The individual blooms can be shortlived, but more will be opening for several weeks in most springs. Flowers are followed in June & July by three-lobed capsules containing black seeds.

12-15 inches high. Grows best in zones 5-9

Bulbs are top size (6 cm around)

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