Narcissus Nicole's Favorite
Narcissus Nicole's Favorite
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A unique hybrid from our late friend Bill the Bulb Baron.  Bill spent his whole life devoted to creating new and beautiful flowers.  He called these bulbs the Bildren.  Thank you for helping to spread the beauty!

Below is Bill's description:

8 W-Y

(Polly’s Pearl x Matador)

BLOOMS ON AND ON REPEATEDLY!!!  (Produces MANY secondary stems, often a third crop)  5-12,  2-1/4" flowers per stem, white petals, long-laster with especially good substance, lemon yellow cups.  Very impressive cluster of large florets, looks somewhat like a glorified Grand Monarque.  Increases well, free flowering, late blooming.   Tall strong stems, a really healthy-looking, “buxom” sort of plant.  Great for cutflower harvesting.  Nice fragrance.

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