Lycoris Longituba Mix
Lycoris Longituba Mix
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The seller in Japan sold the longituba to us under this picture.  Sure enough we had a yellow bloomer in the box when it arrived.  Be aware that these are a mixed bunch like the photo indicates.

Once the darling of a few collectors, Lycoris Longituba is now attainable because of the recent expansion of trade with China. It is a spring foliage type and therefore should be cold-hardy at least to zone 6. Its native habitat is the moist, wooded slopes of Eastern China. It has classic trumpet shaped flowers with a hint of pink. The exact color is somewhat variable depending on growing conditions and the genetic expression of the particular bulb you get. Blooms in late summer. Although tolerant of dry periods, it does best with regular moisture.

We sell large bulbs, aproximately 12-14 cm around but subject to some variation. Although we take care to send the freshest bulbs possible, it is common for Lycoris to sulk for a year or so after transplanting before blooming in late summer. This is a particularly tough species even among a family of tough plants.

Plant in partial to full shade, in well drained humus soil.  Plant, 1-2 inches deeper than the top of the bulb as soon as possible so roots can start getting established. The bulbs will pull themselves down to their ideal dept. DO NOT plant more than 3 inches deeper than the top of the bulb as the bulb will expend all it's energy making another bulb on top of the existing bulb. Water thoroughly when first planted then soak twice a month if you don't have regular rain fall.

Article on Color variation:

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