Lycoris Kagaribi
Lycoris Kagaribi
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Translates as "Bonfire".  One of the nicest red and blue lycoris we've seen.  Thankfully the Japanese had enough so we can offer it at a discount.

Stated origin: Jacksoniana complex
Flowers: August
Leaves: Autumn

After more than a decade we are finally able to offer some new Japanese Lycoris.  We found an extensive collection with an older couple and communicated through the help of some Japanese friends.  No new bulbs will be available next year, and I would not be supprised if we cannot get these again.  These hybrids are largely the result of Dr Hirao's work, started in calaboration with Sam Caldwell in the 1960's.  This may be the first time these have been offered commercially in the US. 

Although tollerant of lengthy dry periods, Lycoris do best with regular moisture, even during summer dormancy. As with all Lycoris, I recommend that you plant shallowly, with the top of the bulb close to the surface.  Early planting while temperatures are still warm will give a chance for roots to establish themselves.  When possible we send bulbs with roots.

 Although we take care to send the freshest bulbs possible, it is common for Lycoris to sulk for a year or so after transplanting before gracing us with their summer blooms. This gives all the more reason to get them planted now, rather than put it off for another year.

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1 - 2
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