Lycoris Flaming Dragon
Lycoris Flaming Dragon
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Good mulitplication has allowed us to put Flaming Dragon on sale again.  This reddish pink hybrid is the result of decades of devotion from Japanes hybridizers.   This is a hybrid involving Lycoris Radiata and Lycoris Sprengeri.  It is a fall foliage hybrid and should have similar cold hardiness to Lycoris Radiata (zones 6-10).   Note the blue tips on the petals.

These bulbs about an inch across or maybe a little less.  Some might bloom this year, but most will wait until next year.  Although we take care to send the freshest bulbs possible, it is common for Lycoris to sulk for a year or so after transplanting before gracing us with their summer blooms. This gives all the more reason to get them planted now, rather than put it off for another year.  These bulbs are a little smaller than a quarter, but get larger and multiply well.

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