Lycoris Blushing Lady JAPANESE HYBRID
Lycoris Blushing Lady JAPANESE HYBRID
Comparison with Lycoris Radiata (red)Darker on the First DayOlder flowers are Pale pinkPicture from Japanese Supplier
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One sale because these have multiplied very well for us!

This lovely pink hybrid is the result of decades of devotion from Japanes hybridizers.  The flower starts a dark, salmony pink and gets lighter with age.  The petals develop a dark pink stripe with pale pink edging.  I belive this is the first time it has been offered commercially in the US.  I would guess it is a hybrid involving Lycoris Radiata, and perhaps L. Aurea as another parrent.  It is a fall foliage hybrid and should have similar cold hardiness to Lycoris Radiata (zones 6-10).  For us it sets occasional seed.

Although tollerant of lengthy dry periods, Lycoris do best with regular moisture, even during summer dormancy. As with all Lycoris, I recommend that you plant shallowly, with the top of the bulb close to the surface. The top will remain dormant until spring, but planting earlier will give a chance for roots to establish themselves.

These bulbs are similar in size to a small daffodil. Although we take care to send the freshest bulbs possible, it is common for Lycoris to sulk for a year or so after transplanting before gracing us with their summer blooms. This gives all the more reason to get them planted now, rather than put it off for another year.

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