Little Beauty Species Tulips
Little Beauty Species Tulips
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"Listening to some gardeners talk about it, you would think that a genuinely "perennial" tulip is some kind of holy grail. The dream of a tulip that comes back and multiplies has inspired and then eluded many gardeners. Any skepticism you may have is why I hesitate to make the following claim, but here it is: Wild or species tulips are perennials."

Unlike wimpy modern tulips, these tulips like to multiply and come back every year! They spred through underground runners called stolens. You might even find them growing places you didn't plant them! These produce fragrant flowers of exceptional beauty. They are very reliable in the garden. If you haven't tried them, now is the time!

Hardy in zones 3-9.
Flowering period: early
Plant height: about 6 inches
Bulbs are 6+ cm Cir.

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