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Syn Habranthus Tubispanthus

Yellow with copper markings, 6-8" tall.  These Texas natives have naturalized along roadsides where the grass is kept short.

Habranthus are similar to Zephyranthes, but the flowers face slightly to the side rather than straight up. It is hard to find true Habranthus for sale.  Great outdoors in the south, excellent for indoor pots and plants. Tollerates any soil type. EASY to grow. Blooms several times each summer, after heavy rains (hence their common name " Rain Lily "). Hardy in zones 7-11, elsewhere dig and store for the winter.

Bulb size will vary somewhat depending on what we dig up. We will not send tiny bulbs so you can expect mostly medium size (1 cm wide and 2 cm tall). These multiply primarily by seed seeds.

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1 - 2
3 - 9

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