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Greenii is a hard to find selection with exquisite Yellow-Green flowers!

Originally from Africa, Gloriosa lilies are beautiful, easy to grow, and will multiply. What more could you want! A splendid low climber, easy to grow. Grows 4-5 feet high, producing many lily-like flowers, of exceptional beauty. Also suitable for potting. Zone: 8-10 (can be dug and stored in colder zones, or grown as a houseplant).

Top Size Tubers, but naturally smaller than Gloriosa Rothschildiana

The Gloriosa Lilies are planted length ways like setting a pencil down on a table.  They like full sun to part shade, well drained soil and a fence/trellis/tree to climb on.
Plant them 1-2 inches deep.  You can go as deep as 3 inches if you are concerned that the bulbs may become exposed to the sun by soil/mulch washing away. I would NOT plant them any deeper than that. They are a smaller species and may have trouble reaching the sun.  Water thoroughly when first planted then soak the area twice a month if you don't have regular rain fall.

Gloriosa Orange

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