GLORIOSA Rothschildsiana
GLORIOSA Rothschildsiana
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Originally from Africa, Gloriosa lilies are beautiful, easy to grow, and will multiply. What more could you want!

Glowing crimson red with a yellow base and slight yellow edge. A splendid low climber, easy to grow. Grows 5-6 feet high, producing many lily-like flowers of exceptional beauty over an extended period. Also suitable for potting and long lasting cut flowers. Zone: 8-10 (can be dug and stored in other zones, or grown as a houseplant).

The crop was smaller than usual and these might not bloom the first year, but some could.  They are about the size of my wife's pinkie finger. The flowers of G. Rothschildiana are the largest of all Gloriosa Lilies.

The Gloriosa Lilies are planted length ways like setting a pencil down on a table.  They like full sun to part shade, well drained soil and a fence/trellis/tree to climb on.
Plant them 1-2 inches deep.  You can go as deep as 4 inches if you are concerned that the bulbs may become exposed to the sun by soil/mulch washing away. I would not plant them any deeper than that.  Water thoroughly when first planted then soak the area twice a month if you don't have regular rain fall.

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