Freesia Laxa Mixed Bulbs
Freesia Laxa Mixed Bulbs
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Anomatheca laxa (former name). 
Anomatheca laxa (former name). 
These bulbs were grown from mixed seeds.   Most of them will be red.  A small percentage 30%? will be white and red or pure white.  They may come with trimmed growth depending on the time of year.  Part of the reason these have such an extended bloom season is that bulbs of different ages/sizes bloom and go dormant at different seasons.  We have ones that are summer dormant and ones that are winter dormant, and a self seeding patch can seem almost evergreen with flowers for months in both the spring and fall.
This unique flower is related to classic Freesia, but better suited to the rain and humidity of the South. It will bloom easily from seeds. Unfortunately it is difficult to find. In cold climates (like Canada) it can be grown as a summer annual. Just save seeds or bulbs to re-plant each year. In warm climates it is winter growing, but can survive summer rain and bad soils. It is a forest growing species from a summer rainfall area of South Africa. It will survive frosts into the teens, although the foliage will be damaged at colder temperatures. In some mild climates it stays evergreen.  
When you can find these in the US, they run upwards of $5 a bulb.  These bulbs are blooming size at less than 1 cm across.  Usually blooms in spring and fall, but temperatures will determine bloom time.  We have had bulbs put up several secondary stems for a display lasting 3 or 4 months in the spring.   12-18" tall in shade, shorter in sun.   They may go dormant in the summer or winter, or stay evergreen, depending on your rainfall and temperatures.  In California these grow through the winter and are summer dormant.  In areas with heavy winter frost or dry winters these will grow in through the summer, provided they have enough moisture.

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