Eranthis hyemalis: Winter Aconite, Buttercup
Eranthis hyemalis: Winter Aconite, Buttercup
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This beautiful bulb is capable of blooming in mid winter, right through the snow!  In addition to the cheering flowers, they have decorative fine foliage.
Bulbs are 5+ cm around.  They look like small pebbles.  They will benefit from soaking before planting no more than 12 hours.  Don't plant them too deep, an inch or two is plenty.  As with most members of the buttercup family, squirrels and vermin seem to leave these alone.  They multiply quickly and set seed.
Zones 3-8

Aconite prefers not to be moved, so choose a site for now and for the future after your aconite patch has naturalized

Note: Winter Aconite is poisonous; please avoid if you have small children or pets that might be inclined to taste.
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