Eucrosia Bicolor
Eucrosia Bicolor
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An Amaryllis relative native to Ecuador. These enchanting flowers remind me of lycoris, although they are not closely related. Has attractive hosta-like leaves and makes a wonderful houseplant. Let the surface soil dry between watering. Doesn't need a lot of light. One trick to getting it to bloom is keeping the plant in a cool (not cold) place for a week or two.

They multiply and can be a little weedy in tropical locations.

Bulbs are about the size of a quarter.   These are new to us, so I can't say when they will bloom first for you.  I have had bulbs this size bloom within the first year for us.  In areas with cool or cold winters they are most likely to bloom in spring.

Quantity Price
1 - 2
3 - 9
10 - 49
$1.50 smaller size

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