Dichelostemma Ida-Maia
Dichelostemma Ida-Maia
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Dichelostemma Ida-Maia:

You might know it as the firecracker lily.  This plant genus is not confused about itself but horticulturist are: "Once considered a taxonomic section of the genus Brodiaea, it is now considered a distinct genus. It has been considered to be in various families in the past Amaryllidaceae, Alliacae, Liliacae. It is now placing it in a new family, Themidaceae"( Pacific bulb Society)

This Little gem's natural home is mainly California, central California all the way up into Oregon. Winter rainy season is when they grow,  April to June are when they bloom as the days get dry and warm.  The leaves start to shrivel right before dormancy in summer and do not sprout again until it starts to rain in the fall.  This plant must be given a dry summer dormancy. When Plant is growing, and developing flowers use modreate fertilizer and keep damp, but not wet, while growing in winter and spring.

Zones: 5-8
Sun: Full Sun
Bulb Size: 5-7 cm Cir.

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