Crinum Lily Cecil Houdyshel
Crinum Lily Cecil Houdyshel
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'Cecil Houdyshel' is an old Southern Heirloom which can grow very large bulbs.  Although it offsets readily, it remains rare in the bulb trade.  It is vigorous, tough, and blooms over a long period.  'Cecil'  is one of the better clones of xpowellii (bulbispermum x moorei).  It is said to set seeds occasionally, although this has not been common for us.  

Cicil has good color, substance, and fragrance.  The only complaint is that the flowers are not as large as some modern pink crinum.  However the plant makes up for this by the sheer number of stalks and flowers it sends up over a season.  A single stem can have dozens of flowers which will open one by one over a month in a vase.  The plant freezes to the ground every winter (we have had temperatures as low as 5 degrees F) and comes back without a hitch.  One of the toughest old plants I've grown, hands down.

Crinum are the giants of the bulb world. These South African natives are nearly indestructible perennials in mild climates. They can bloom repeatedly once established. A truly valuable gem for the Southern landscape, these bulbs will likely outlive the gardener.

The bulb size will vary depending on what we dig up.  Expect medium size bulbs, 2" or so across and several inches long.  If you prefer, we can substitute 1 massive mother bulb for 3 of the medium size bulbs listed here.  Just leave us a note during checkout that you want to switch.

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