CLIVIA MINIATA Orange (trimmed)
CLIVIA MINIATA Orange (trimmed)
Sample of Trimmed CliviaClivia in Galon Pot
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Originating from crosses of Joe Salomone's Clivia.  Large, healthy plants are 6-7 years old and have already proven themselves in bloom.  They are currently in Galon pots but will be shipped bare root.  Leaves are trimmed to about 1 ft tall for shipping purposes.  The 2nd picture is just a sample, but gives you and idea of what you will receive.   We cannot guarantee perfect cosmetic condition upon arrival, but the plants are healthy and grow more leaves each year.  This is a wonderful houseplant or shade-loving perennial for frost free areas.

Don't expose to direct sunlight as this will burn their leaves! They have survived light frosts for me (next to the house) but they might not survive a hard freeze. Here in Arizona, zone 8 I've had them survive under a foot of snow, but they died down to the ground which is NOT good for them.

Although we package these carefully it is normal for there to be some leaf damage after transit.  They recover well and should bloom on their usual schedule.  For us this is usually February through March.


Clivia Potting for indoors
When picking the pot to use, try and find one that is only a few inches larger than the root ball, Clivia like being to be crowded.  Find a potting mix that drains well ( like the palm & cactus type) or mix in approx. ½  sand or bark into a regular topsoil. Plant all the roots about 1 inch below the soil, they will dry out otherwise and die. Tamp the soil down lightly then water. if the tops of the roots are exposed repeat the process until the soil is compact and the roots don’t show.  Once you have potted your plant find a place indoors that has strong indirect light. Water once a week lightly or every 2 weeks heavily, Do not over water, if the soil is still damp on top do not water, wait until the top soil is dry for at least 1 inch down before watering again. Give a light foliar fertilizer every 3-6 months.

Clivia Planting outdoors
First find a place that is in full shade, a little direct morning sun is not bad but avoid all afternoon sun.  If the Plants are not in full shade they will turn yellow and burn in the sun.  Clivia also need well drained soil so their roots stay healthy. So test to see if the drainage is good enough or if the soil needs to be helped along.  To check water drainage in the outdoors, soak the area you are thinking of planting for an hour, if after the hose is turned off the water stays puddled for more than 30 min the drainage is not good enough and you should amend the soil with ½ sand or bark. This may raise the area up that is OK it means the drainage will be even better.  Once you have found/prepared your area plant the root ball deep enough that none of the roots show above the soil about an inch deeper than the top most roots.  Water Heavily to get the roots re-hydrated and established then water lightly once a week, or less if the soil stays damp.

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