Hippeastrum Japanese Yellow
Hippeastrum Japanese Yellow
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We were so delighted when we saw this bloomed for the first time!  The yellow is stronger than any other hybrid I've seen (only Germa is perhaps its equal).  The flowers start out greenish yellow and age with a delightful salmon blush (rather than turning white like most yellow hippeastrum).  This hybrid is named in Japanese, but I can't translate it!  The pictures were taken outside in the summer of 2012.

We were only able to get a few, and this could be a one time offering.  The grower does not ever sell outside of Japan.  It took years of planning to get these in Japan and then arange inspection and shipment to the US.

The bulbs are the largest size available for this variety and are perhaps 1 & 1/2 inch across.  They bloomed in 2012, but I cannot guarantee when they will next bloom for you.

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