ANEMONE Coronaria "Bi-Color"
ANEMONE Coronaria "Bi-Color"
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An showy single anemone in shades of pink and red

Popular as cut flowers and potted plants. These little bulbs are like hard rocks until you plant them. Soak them overnight and then don't allow to dry out until the little plants are established. These will continue to grow until they produce wave after wave of beautiful flowers in late spring. Nice scent, good for cutting. Pretty lacy foliage. Winter Hardy in zones 7-10 where they can be planted in fall. Colder than zone 6, plant in spring (don't worry, they store perfectly at room temperature). Fresh crop from Holland. Use this opportunity to stock up.

5+ cm round bulbs. Although small, these bulbs are perfectly capable of blooming (seeds can also bloom their first year). Flower development occurs when temperatures are between 40 and 60 degrees.
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