Hardy Amaryllis Eyecatcher
Hardy Amaryllis Eyecatcher
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Eyecatcher -  A new variety with comparatively large flowers and fantastic contrast.  Notably cold hardy.

These sonitini amaryllis were developed for colder climates after a branch of the Barnhorn family returned to the Netherlands from South Africa.  They are field grown in a region better known for tulips and daffodils.  Although they are dug for the winter when grown commercially, it is claimed that they are cold hardy down to zone 6.  Please let us know your experiences with these new varieties so we can give more accurate information in the future.  In zones 7 and below, I recommend deep planting (up to 4 inches of soil above the bulb) and a thick winter mulch.

At 14 cm around these bulbs are smaller than standard amaryllis, but fully capable of blooming their first year.

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