Amaryllis X Johnsonii LARGE BULBS-bloomed 2017
Amaryllis X Johnsonii LARGE BULBS-bloomed 2017
Large Blooming Size, Medium, large offset, to small offsets on rightLarge Blooming Size Bulbs (Dormant December to March)
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The original! One of the first Hippeastrum Hybrids, and still one of the best. Also called St Josephs Lily and Hardy Amaryllis.

This sought-after Southern Heirloom thrives in typically bad southern conditions. You can expect them to multiply, so be prepared to share with friends.  They have a sweet fragrance similar to freesia.

These bulbs were orignally grown from tissue culture several years ago, and have been grown separately from other Hippeastrum.  Over the years they have multiplied and been divided several times, but we have never been able to keep up with demand.   These have become harder to find and more expensive lately.  We try to keep our prices reasonable, but consequently sell out and may be out of stock for years at a time.

These bulbs are large blooming size.  I would estimate 18+ cm circumference.
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