10 Amaryllis Large Flower Mix SALE
10 Amaryllis Large Flower Mix SALE
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Amaryllis Mixed Large Flower. Several different Pink, red, and white varieties, both named and un-named types. Mixed together, some double but mostly single. These are large flowered amaryllis with flower buds sprouting now. On sale now to clear out our inventory.

We have quite a few bulbs where the labels are incorrect so we are mixing them together and selling them as a mix. If we send labels they may be incorrect and will not attached to individual bulbs.

Bulbs are officially 22-24 cm in circumference. This was the approximate size at harvest time, but normally the bulbs shrink in storage. There is some variation with each variety, and actual size depends on the harvest each year. This size averages 1-2 stems with 3 or 4 flowers per stem.
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