Amaryllis SAFFRON Bloomed Bulb
Amaryllis SAFFRON Bloomed Bulb
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AMARYLLIS Saffron ® -- A miniature cybister with thin curley petals and delicate coloration.  As  you can see from the second picture, this variety blooms better once it is established with roots.  Our order for these has been canceled two years in a row.  This type of thing appeals to collectors more than the mass market, so Hadeco tends to discontinue some of the better, more unique hippeastrum it produces.

Bulbs are sprouted or bloomed already in storage and are unlikely to bloom.  You might get some weak flowers or a later stem (some of these bulbs produce 3 stems) but there is no guarantee.  The price is high because we only have a few of these left and we might never be able to get more.

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