Amaryllis Green Complex Seedlings
Amaryllis Green Complex Seedlings
Seedling ClumpGreen DragonEvergreen
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The seedlings bulbs for sale are shown in the top center left of the main picture.  Green Dragon (pictured top left) set a good crop of seed in 2015 and these seedlings are the result.  We used many green/yellow types and a few pink and cybister types for pollen.  The small pictures are of seedlings that bloomed for us in 2017 and we expect these to be similar.

The most common cross (30%) was Green Dragon X cybister Evergreen...these look a lot like evergreen (2 example seedlings in the bottom right).  Other polinators included Yellow Garden and Germa seedlings.  The majority will bloom some type of Green or Yellow, but some have a sunset type color of pink combined with a yellowish background.   

These crosses were planted in June 2015 and the largest bulbs bloomed starting in April 2017.  For sale are 2 year old seedlings that were crowded (never transplanted), so although they are from the same batch, these are still small bulbs that are not blooming size.  All of the Green Dragon seedlings have been very vigorous.  We are only selling them because we like money and lack space.  The flowers have been unique and of excellent quality.   Some might bloom in 2018 if they are given great conditions or kept growing through the winter.  They have been grown separately from other bulbs (except seedlings) and appear to be disease and virus free.

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1 - 2
$6.99 $4.99
3 - 9
$5.99 $3.99
$4.99 $3.49

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