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This bigeneric hybrid of Amaryllis Belladonna x Nerine Bowdenii. It is very hard to find and there isn't much information about it (if you know something, let me know!). I don't think it will be winter hardy in areas with hard frosts (plant in a pot and bring inside for the winter). Do not overwater when dormant. The parents are two of my favorites flowers, so I am excited to offer a combination! I believe this is Amarine tubergenii Zwanenburg, although they were not labeled as such when I first got them.

One interesting note from a customer in Massachusetts is that he grows his Amarine in the summer and keeps it dry/dormant in the winter. In Arizona I've always tried to grow it in the winter with summer dry dormancy. I suppose they are adaptable.

These bulbs are about the size of an egg. I don't know if they will bloom this year (because they don't like transplanting), but some have dried bloom stems from past years.
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