Amaryllis Belladonna Dark REDS
Amaryllis Belladonna Dark REDS
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These bulbs were selected while blooming in August 2020.  These are blooming size bulbs of dark reds.  These are selected from the collection of the late Bill Welch (Bill the Bulb Baron) in California.  This is likely the best and largest collection of amaryllis belladonna (naked lady liliies) in the world.

Please note that the color may vary based on growing conditions (soil, temperature, etc).  These are the best red Amaryllis available and were dark red when blooming in coastal California.  A colder or hotter climate might effect their coloratoin.  Many have a white throat that darkens into pink and red with age, so an old flower wil have more color than a newly oppened flower.  These were selected for dark red on the outer petals of newly opened flowers.  Please look at the different pictures to see how the color varies according to the camera and lighting conditions.

Amaryllis Belladonna are highly recommended for those with mild winters and relatively dry summers. Folks in other climates can grow them in large pots if they are willing to do the extra work. Grow outside in zones 8-10 with mulch. The dutch will sell these as cold hardy to zone 6, but they lie.  Possibly they could be more cold hardy if they are planted deeply or in a sheltered location.  It is also possible to grow these amaryllis in pots, but I would recommend larger pots for the big bulbs and roots. Water occasionally whenever they are not receiving adequate rainfall.
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