Amaryllis Belladonna RED Hybrids
Amaryllis Belladonna RED Hybrids
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Here we have Amaryllis Belladonna seedlings with red and orange-red parents. They should bloom as a mixture of reds (half or more) and dark pinks. Most reds are actually bicolors with a pale star in the center. This will darken and fill in with age, until the flower is nearly solid red. These are very nice bulbs.   Most are Approximately and 1-2 inches across. With good growing conditions I expect they are 1 - 2 years from blooming. We have not made any selections from this mix so there are sure to be some real treasures. The orange-reds are definitely more rare, selling for $50 or more each after blooming.

Amaryllis Belladonna are highly recommended for those with mild winters and relatively dry summers. Folks in other climates can grow them in large pots if they are willing to do the extra work. Grow outside in zones 8-10 with mulch. It is also possible to grow these amaryllis in pots, but I would recommend larger pots for the big bulbs and roots. Water occasionally whenever they are not receiving adequate rainfall.

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