Amaryllis Belladonna Collection A9 2022
Amaryllis Belladonna Collection A9 2022
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There are so many unique and beautiful flowers that I just don't have time to list and track each one with individual pictures.  I'm experimenting with digging up some exceptional flowers and selling them in groups.  They will not be individually labeled or named, but you will get a blooming size bulb of each of the flowers in the picture.  Each collection is unique and these clones will never be offered again.  If I sold the bulbs separately I would charge significantly more.
These were grown along the central California coast, so please keep in mind that growing conditions can effect flower color.  They may need some shade in hot climates.  The ideal spot would have shade on the south, so that the leaves get more sunshine during the winter than the flowers get in the fall.  Afternoon shade could work well in hot climates.  These are the result of a century long hybridizing process.  I am continuing the work of Bill Welch, who hybridized and selected these for 40 years.  He got his start from Les Hannibal, who had worked with them at least that long.  Possibly there were some brunsvigia genetics involved originally.

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