Amaryllis Belladonna MIX LARGE
Amaryllis Belladonna MIX LARGE
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Definitely one of the most exciting bulb-growing developments of the last 100 years, these Amaryllis belladonna hybrids are bred from crosses between the common old-fashioned pink "naked lady" amaryllis and related South African bulbs. Each bulb you buy will be a genetically unique, seed-grown plant from this unique hybridizing program. These are bound to include some very exciting surprises in a wide range of colors from white through all shades of pink to various shades of red. We cannot say what the colors of each bulb will be, but all are grown from hand pollinations involving the very best parent plants, and when you see the results it is almost like being a hybridizer yourself! In the future we may sell specific selections (certainly more expensive) but not now. All of these hybrids (including the pink tones) are improved from the old pink original, having more flowers, larger flowers, and more striking coloration. This may be your only opportunity to get these unique bulbs.

Being closely related to narcissus, these are also deer-proof, gopher-proof, as easy to grow as weeds, growing in sun or part shade in any type of soil. Blooming each year in the dry season, without any watering required for survival, they are obviously highly drought-resistant, being one of the few summer or autumn flowering bulbs that can do so without being watered. This is due in part to their extensive fleshy root systems and large bulbs, and also to the fact that they have no leaves at this time, hence the name "naked ladies." The lush, shiny green leaves (about a foot long) are somewhat like those of clivias or agapanthus, and are produced during the winter and spring.

We estimate that these are primarily varying shades of pink and pink/white bi-colors.  For the rarer shades of reds and whites, purchase our Supreme Mix or Amaryllis Belladonna Alba.

These bulbs are aproximately blooming size.  These are NOT the same as hippeastrum (commonly called amaryllis) and they will not force for indoor flowers in the winter time.  Natural bloom time is late summer and fall.  They generally sulk for a while after transplanting, so do not expect instant flowers.

For customers in the Southeast and Midwest I recommend Lycoris rather than Amaryllis Belladonna.  Amaryllis Belladonna are highly recommended for those with mild winters and relatively dry summers. Folks in other climates can grow them in large pots if they are willing to do the extra work. Grow outside in zones 8-10 with mulch. It is also possible to grow these amaryllis in pots, but I would recommend larger pots for the big bulbs and roots. Water occasionally whenever they are not receiving adequate rainfall.  

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$2.99 Email or call if you want truly large numbers. I've got thousands.

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