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(Also called: Scarborough lily, George lily)

The following description is from

"Would you love a container plants that is easy to grow outdoors during the summer and your able to bring it in indoors for the winter. Now if the plant kept its beautiful foliage all winter for you to enjoy and it flowered it would be a real plus. There is such a plant and it is called the Scarborough lily. This new specie looks a lot like an Amaryllis bulb we all know and love. The plant has attractive strap like foliage that is attractive and glossy green. A beautiful blossom appears in the summer on stems that are large and strong. Each stem holds 4 to 6 large flowers 3 to 4 inches wide creating a cluster up to 12 inches in diameter. The flowers resemble a lily and are more attractive and last longer while in bloom. The foliage is evergreen and you should keep it growing all year. Plant 3 bulbs in a large container 12 to 14 inches wide in the early spring. Set the bulbs 4 to 6 inches deep in the container. Make sure the pot has good drainage and the soil is rich in organic matter and compost if you want the plant to thrive. Feed monthly all year with a water-soluble fertilizer that is high in phosphorous. Keep the pot in a sunny location and it will thrive for you"

Large 12+ cm bulbs. I don't know if they will bloom this year (because they don't like transplanting), but they are surely blooming size bulbs. Many have bulblets forming already.

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