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Nerine Bowdenii Striped Selection
Aaron's Ramble

Aaron's Ramble

This last week we took a buying trip to California.  We were able to purchase a large number of Amarcrinum seedlings.  Amarcrinum are crosses between Amaryllis Belladonna and Crinum Moorei which (in my opinion) are Superior to either parent.  They can take more heat, rain, cold, humidity, and drought.  Repeatedly through the summer, they produce abundant long-lasting fragrant flowers.  They are particularly suited to the South and Middle-South where Amaryllis Belladonna do not grow well.  We will be putting them up for sale after we bloom and evaluate them.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

Field of Amaryllis Belladonna


Nerine Sarniensis Australian Pink


Dove & the Amaryllis


Dove in the Field

For sale now we have Amaryllis Belladonna seedlings with red and orange-red parents.  They should be a mixture of reds and dark pinks.  These are very nice bulbs.  Most are 2 or more inches across and are already making offsets.  With good growing conditions I expect them to start blooming next year.  We have not made any selections from this mix so there are sure to be some real treasures.  The orange-reds are definitely more rare.




  1. Vladimir Volosciuc on October 1, 2010 at 4:44 PM said:
    just amazin' blooms!! one question Mr. Aaron - how do I need to care properly for these hybrids so that they will blossom for sure next year?! thank you, V.
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