Calochortus:  A Mix of Pink, Lilac and Cream Flowers
Calochortus:  A Mix of Pink, Lilac and Cream Flowers
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Calochortus Cupido

Calochortus are native to the western US, and also know as Mariposa Lily, Butterfly tulip, Globe Tulip, Star Tulip & Sego Lily.  In the wild they are found from mountain slopes to alkaline flats.  These newer hybrids are suited to garden conditions, but still prefer well drained soil.
Resembling wide tulip flowers with showy, 3" upturned cups, blooms are accented with dark contrasting splotches and markings near the base of each petal.  You can expect up to 3 delicate flowers per stem.  They really do remind one of butterflies landing on tall stalks of grass.  Their Grass like, silvery gray/green foliage will stand out as an accent to greener foliage.

These 4+ cm round bulbs are small but top size.
12-18" tall
Zones 5-10

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