Amaryllis ZOMBIE ® 18-20 cm
Amaryllis ZOMBIE ® 18-20 cm
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AMARYLLIS ZOMBIE ® -- Double Striped Pink and White.

Hadeco Amaryllis are an exciting new development in the Horticultural world. Size for size, they will outperform any others as far as number of stalks per bulb, number of blooms per stalk and size of blooms is concerned. Developed especially for pot culture, these amaryllis have stout stems and the leaves often grow simultaneously with the flowers. All Hadeco varieties have passed through extensive testing and are among the very best hippeastrum hybrids in the world. They are selected to be easily forced, long lasting, and disease resistant.

Bulbs are officially 18-20cm around. This was the approximate size at harvest time, but normally the bulbs shrink in storage. I would describe the bulbs as the size of a large egg. There is some variation with each variety, and actual size depends on the harvest each year.  Zombie has dusty foliage and stores very well, leading us to think that perhaps it has some extra drought-hardy genes.

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